Professional Clinically Certified IridologIST

Since 1994, Diane McLaren CCIR, ROHP, IIR (Iridologist, Nutritionist, Herbalist) has offered her holistic methodology of root-cause assessment, personalized programs, lifestyle guidance and best practices with a genuine concern for her clients long-term well-being. Over that time, thousands have experienced remarkable results … naturally!

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Using Iridology To Identify Root-causes

The iris is an extension of the brain which connects to organs & tissues through the nervous system. Via this communications network, over time the iris develops unique identifiable markings relating to the body's condition.

As a Clinically Certified Iridologist, Nutritionist and Herbalist, Diane brings her comprehensive and unique skill set to each assessment ensuring every client gets the right personalized program.

A well-established Natural Health Practitioner who brings a comprehensive skill set to help people adress health concerns naturally.

Initial Appointments

The Initial Comprehensive Iridology Appointment

Initial Iridology Analysis

The appointment begins with a non-invasive, comprehensive in-depth root-cause assessment.

Assessment Results

Now it's time to have a discussion, explain the findings and focus on answering questions.

Personalized Program

When recommending the right program, you'll understand why, and what can be expected.

Passionate Support

Diane focuses on helping people experience remarkable long-term measurable results!


Iridology Clinic

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